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Improve your PSAP performance

Leveraging the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, RapidDeploy’s web-based platform enables the industry’s most effective, efficient & data-driven emergency response.

Empower your PSAP leaders 

Empowerment begins with insightful, actionable data that is scalable and flexible from your frontline to your leadership.

Simple, transparent pricing

When you purchase RapidDeploy's RadiusPlus Mapping + Eclipse Analytics together, you save 8% per month.

These communities are enhancing their emergency response capabilities

with RapidDeploy’s NG9-1-1 Bundle.



Look at how Radius has helped Telecommunicators save lives.

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Save money when you buy both together.

Unlock your ECC’s potential by powering your end-to-end emergency response with enhanced data. Equip ECC management with insights to drive performance through Eclipse Analytics. Arm your telecommunicators and dispatchers with new levels of situational awareness for reduced response times with Radius tactical mapping.

Radius Mapping

New levels of real-time situational awareness. 

Radius Mapping provides best-in-class mapping that optimizes the contextual & informational view of caller location, within seconds, by integrating the most trusted & diversified data in the industry.

• Supplemental caller handset location
• ANI/ALI integration
• Deep Esri/ArcGIS Integration
• Integrate with all CPE/CHE
• Works alongside any CAD
• Two-way SMS with language identification & translation
• Live on-scene video streaming
• Intelligent emergency signal correlation
• Rich additional data from the world’s most trusted sources

Eclipse Screen Shot Monitor and Laptop

Eclipse Analytics

Improved 9-1-1 call processing times, call routing & staff performance.

Eclipse Analytics provides flexible reporting & analytics to facilitate data-driven, operational performance improvements by leveraging call data in near-real time.

• Real-time analytics
• On-demand reports
• Performance metrics
• Mobile location accuracy
• Report Scheduling


“By leveraging Radius with Eclipse, we’ll continue to transform our PSAPs into data-driven organizations. Eclipse provides us with the data we need to make staffing and resource decisions and Radius empowers our telecommunicators with the data they need in moments that matter most.”


“One of the advantages of RapidDeploy's solution is the fact that the location information is automatically provided to the PSAP. What that means is that we don’t have to go to a secondary screen to enter a phone number and do a look-up. The information is simply there on the screen for them to display. It’s a huge game-changer.”

Seeing is believing.
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RapidDeploy's NG9-1-1 Bundle is at the forefront of public safety innovation, you can now modernize your PSAP at a reduced price when purchasing Radius Mapping and Eclipse Analytics together.


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